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What is Cooperation?

Cooperation is the ability to balance one’s own needs with someone else’s.
Working together
Team work

Helping Your Child Develop the Skill of Cooperation

  • Take turns
  • Explain your limits for limits and requests: “When you help me put away the laundry, I finish quicker and then we can play.” “We all help clean up so we don’t lose our toys and know where to find them when we play again.”
  • Take time to problem solve
    • State the problem. "You want to draw on the wall but mommy says no."
    • Ask a question. "Where else could you draw?"
    • Try a solution. Offer two choices, both of which are acceptable to you—perhaps either paper or a cardboard box.
  • Do chores together at an early age
  • Give your child choices while maintaining the rules: "Teeth need to be brushed at bedtime. Do you want to brush before we read books or after?"