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Goal Setting

Goal Setting


Goal setting helps children learn that they are responsible for their own successes and failures. It teaches them to prioritize and manage their time. It improves their self-esteem by showing them that they do have strengths, talents and abilities, especially when they apply themselves.

Goal: The word "goal" can be used to describe where you want to get to or what you want to get done. Setting a goal means to plan something you want to be able to do better or understand better.

Helping Your Child Set Goals

  • Listen: Let your child decide for themselves what is important for him/her to achieve, it’s more important to listen than to talk.
  • Teach the language: Teach your child how to talk about their goals and to help them understand their goals. “I want to [do this] by [when]. I already know how to [related skills].”
  • Help Refine Unrealistic Goals
  • Help Break Down the Goal into Smaller Steps
  • Create a Visual Reminder of Goals
  • Note Progress and Success