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Doing Business With Alief ISD

  • Thanks To Our Vendors For Their Support!

     The District obtains goods and services through an assortment of methods.

    School districts are required to utilize a competitive bidding method that provides the best value for the school district when making purchases valued at $50,000 or more in the aggregate for each 12-month period.  

    Our user-friendly registration and bidding process is explained below:


  • Alief ISD utilizes an electronic bidding and vendor management system to register new vendors, notify vendors of current bids & proposal opportunities, and issue proposals for goods, services, and construction contracts. Here are a few of the benefits to both Vendors and the District by using this system:

    • FREE to register and participate in any bid, quote, or RFP process.
    • System is web-based and accessible from most internet-enabled devices.
    • Registered vendors receive notification by email of all bids within their area of interest.
    • System is paperless; unless otherwise noted, proposal responses may be submitted electronically.
    • Information on bids, addenda, forms, and registration are centrally-located and available 24/7.

    Access the Alief ISD e-Procurement System to Register or Logon!

    Do you need assistance with the registration process? See our registration guide here!


  • The District utilizes the contracts of the following cooperative purchasing organizations to aid in the efficiency of its operations. If you are a vendor who is already awarded on such a program, please contact us to verify your status as an awarded vendor. 

    Alief ISD Co-Op Partnerships




    Fundraising vendors are different from bid vendors in that no budgeted funds are involved when conducting fundraising activities.

    Subsequently, fundraising vendors do not need to participate in a district bid to become an approved vendor.



    The steps to registering as a fundraiser vendor are easy!

    Simply register by clicking on the link.

    Then, download and complete the fundraiser vendor packet. 

    Lastly, fax the fundraising vendor packet to 281-498-8071.

    Register |Fundraising Vendor Packet