The Alief Transportation Department strives to provide safe, punctual and courteous transportation to the students of the school district.

Director - Phil Felton

Regular Transportation        Special Transportation
6150 Synott                              14051 Bellaire, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77083                 Houston, TX 77083 
281-983-8400                            281-983-8490
Fax # 281-564-3519                 Fax # 281-988-3484 


Click the link below to find your assigned bus stop.

Bus Stop By Address

The Regular Transportation route assignment letters have mailed to the students address on record.  If the student moved over the summer be sure to change the address at the students assigned school.  The Alief ISD Transportation Department does not have authorization to change the address.

Please remember that the student will need to be at the assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the estimated pick up time.


Summer Late Run Stops
August    18 -  22      Departs school at  6:00 PM on

Elsik Summer Late Run Stops

Hastings Summer Late Run Stops
Taylor Summer late Run Stops

 school bus                         
It's the law!  Motorists must not attempt to pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.
Observe the 20 mph speed limit in school zones.

Be prepared to stop when signaled by a school crossing guard.


Office Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday - Friday.

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