Alief has the core belief that children do not need to "get ready" to be readers and writers; instead, they are already readers and writers as they live and learn inside literate communities.



Alief ISD's Side By Side Program has a new name:  



Do you have a three-year old child?
Do you want your child to have a great start to school?
Do yo have an older child attending one of our participating elementary schools?

If you answered YES to all three questions, you are invited to participate in Alief ISD's JUMPSTART program, offered at several Alief campuses.

This year, experience our NEW CURRICULUM rewritten to connect directly to Pre-K and Kindergarten TEKS.

Alief JUMPSTART is...
  • available at no charge to parents and provides free books and materials.
  • a home-based program where parents come to school weekly and are equipped to teach their own children at home.
  • a year-long program for parents who have a three-year-old child with an older sibling attending one of the participating campuses.
  • a program that focuses on school readiness and allows parents the opportunity to teach their children at their leisure in their own home.
  • available to parents in English or Spanish at the parent's request.

For more information, follow the link to the Alief Website.  Alief JUMPSTART

For more information, please contact Virginia Najera in the Family and Community Engagement Office at 281-498-8110, extension 2820.

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