Building Great Futures on a Strong Foundation!

  • 2016-2017 Campus Shared Decision Making Committee

    Administrator Elizabeth Maldonado Principal
    Business Representative Jesus Vega Business Rep.
    Classroom Teacher Dolores Abouelshabayek Fourth Grade
    Classroom Teacher Sourida Abourahal First Grade
    Classroom Teacher Marco Dosal Third Grade
    Classroom Teacher Isela Jimenez-Ruiz First Grade
    Classroom Teacher Valencia Martin Pre-Kinder
    Classroom Teacher Jesus Mercado Kindergarten
    Classroom Teacher Tammy Wise Second Grade
    Community Representative Eric King Community Rep.
    Counselor Kim Reed-Hartley Counselor
    District-level Professional Francisco Razo District Improvement
    Facilitator Amanda Vega Title I/ Bridge
    Non-classroom Professional Carol Kaufmann Math/Science Block
    Non-classroom Professional Patricia Schmidt ELD Interventionist
    Paraprofessional Emelin Rubio School Secretary
    Parent Eulalia Cornejo Parent
    Parent Wendy Luz Leon Parent
    Parent Azalea Panzo Parent
    Parent Guadalupe Ramirez Parent
    Parent Yitza Ramos Parent
    Parent Jessica Umanzor Parent
    Parent Center Liaison Yadira Lino-Ramos Parent Center
    Title I Rep. Gabriela Cuevas ESL Lead
    Sneed Elementary

  • SDC Committee Meeting Minutes

    Date: January 3rd,2017

    Place: Sneed’s Library

    Time: 3:45 pm

    1. Members were welcomed and asked to sign in. They were presented with the agenda for today’s meeting.
    2. Cuevas will be the record keeper.
    3. Participants were reminded that there was no meeting in December but they were given the minutes of November’s meeting to read and approve. Minutes were approved.
    4. The purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss the school’s report card.

    Members discussed enrollment and highlighted things that caught our attention, for example, among other things:

    • Percentage of ELL students
    • Size of classes in Kindergarten
    • STAAR results – each item was analyzed and discussed why Sneed fell into Improvement Required.


    1.    Dr. Maldonado brought to the table the need of discussing in this week’s Team                          Leaders’ meeting the topic of Lesson Plans. Some teachers do not have current                    lesson plans.
    2. Ms. Cuevas mentioned that many teachers are not using consistently the SIOP strategies.
    3. Dr. Maldonado invited the Accountability Representatives from the district (Colleen Brown and Natalie Martinez) to come to talk to the staff meeting on January 5 about the new accountability items and scores. We need to make more focused decisions.
    4. Ms. Wise shared that long range planning meetings on January 2nd had gone well. That all members in the team had collaborated with each other and it had been a very productive day.
    5. Ms. Kaufmann reminded the members about the need of having students move every 15 minutes as they need mental and physical breaks and that these findings are research-based.
    6. Ms. Vega reminded all members that the Second Formative Review on plan4learning is coming soon. The due date is on February 3rd. The names of the people who have to report for each goal were shared and are also written on the agenda. Ms. Vega will also send an email to them to remind them.
    7. Ms. Gonzalez, the parent liaison, will be hosting a coffee for parents on Thursday, January 12th. They are also running ESL and other classes for them. Teachers will receive an email so they can let students know about this event. Ms. Vega will find out if a flier will be sent home with the information.
    8. Ms. Wise shared that second grade team started Enrichment today and that it went very well.
    9. Ms. Hartley asked if our Business Reps would be interested in participating on our Career Day, which will be held on January 26th. Ms. Vega will contact them to enquire about this.
    10. Tutorials will be handled differently this year. They will start by the end of this month. More information to come soon.
    11. We only have a few teachers interested in sponsoring a club. We’re trying to revamp this and see if we can motivate more people.
    12. Meeting was adjourned at 3:26pm.
  • SDC Working Meeting