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  • 2016-2017 Campus Shared Decision Making Committee

    Administrator Elizabeth Maldonado Principal
    Business Representative Jesus Vega Business Rep.
    Classroom Teacher Dolores Abouelshabayek Fourth Grade
    Classroom Teacher Sourida Abourahal First Grade
    Classroom Teacher Marco Dosal Third Grade
    Classroom Teacher Isela Jimenez-Ruiz First Grade
    Classroom Teacher Valencia Martin Pre-Kinder
    Classroom Teacher Jesus Mercado Kindergarten
    Classroom Teacher Tammy Wise Second Grade
    Community Representative Eric King Community Rep.
    Counselor Kim Reed-Hartley Counselor
    District-level Professional Francisco Razo District Improvement
    Facilitator Amanda Vega Title I/ Bridge
    Non-classroom Professional Carol Kaufmann Math/Science Block
    Non-classroom Professional Patricia Schmidt ELD Interventionist
    Paraprofessional Emelin Rubio School Secretary
    Parent Eulalia Cornejo Parent
    Parent Wendy Luz Leon Parent
    Parent Azalea Panzo Parent
    Parent Guadalupe Ramirez Parent
    Parent Yitza Ramos Parent
    Parent Jessica Umanzor Parent
    Parent Center Liaison Yadira Lino-Ramos Parent Center
    Title I Rep. Gabriela Cuevas ESL Lead
    Sneed Elementary

  • SDC Committee Meeting Minutes


    Date: February 7, 2017

    Place: Sneed’s Library

    Time : 3:45 – 4:30


    1.    The members were welcomed and asked to sign in.

    2.     The norms and expectations were read.

    3.    The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

    4.    We are celebrating that our formative review has been done and the information is in plan4learning. (Ms. Vega brought ice-cream and cookies for committee members to enjoy).

    5.    Ms. Cuevas is the record keeper for this meeting.

    6.    Ms. Vega announced that we have a special guest in today’s meeting, Mrs. Sanchez, our AP, who is here to talk about the transitions program that we have in place at Sneed Elementary. She came to share what will be done for our incoming PK/K night. The transition team is in charge of the process of preparing all stakeholders to develop knowledge, skills and build relationships that facilitate the move (transition) from one educational/home setting to another. The population targeted in this case is the children entering the kindergarten program. The members in this team are:

    Yvonne Fierro – Primary Language Arts Specialist

    Jesus Mercado – Kindergarten Teacher

    Valencia Martin – Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Johanna Sanchez – Administrator

    The goals that they hope to achieve through the plan’s implementation is to:

    a) Ensure successful transitions for children and their families from PK to Kindergarten.

    b) Get to know and understand children, their families and their background.

    c) Provide an appropriate, developmental and welcoming environment for meeting the needs of each child.

    The first step is to collaborate in the creation of a flier that includes the forms needed to register children in kindergarten. The second step is to participate in the Kindergarten Round-Up to explain the need of transition documents and the third step is the creation of a cumulative folder for all children attending the round-up.

    Mrs. Sanchez said everyone was welcome to participate and collaborate with the transition team.

    Something new this year is that a kindergarten student will be paired-up with a PK



    student and read to him/her. Parents will be invited to the read-alouds. This event will take place in April on a Wednesday for both the AM and PM classes.

                      5.  Ms. Hussain shared what the PK teachers had done with the money from the PK grant:   

                           They bought phonics activities, furniture, new white boards, ipads, books and


                      6.  Ms. Hartley talked about the transitions for fourth grade: the band and orchestra from

                           Budewig will come and visit the school. We will look into possible new activities.

                      7.  Mr. Isaac shared information about Family U coming up on March 4. We also discussed

                           the number of volunteer hours.  The position for parent center will be advertised soon

                           because the person who had the position was on medical leave and then just recently,

                            resigned.  Junior Achievement is coming back to Sneed. They will probable collaborate

                            with the clubs.

                      8.  Dr. Maldonado, Sneed’s principal, mentioned a letter from HCEE complimenting the

                           School so she said it would be a good idea to continue to work with them and tie

                           Activities to our HB5 scorecard.

                      9.  Ms. Vega handed out a copy of the Review Strategies from plan4learning and each

                           small group had to read, discuss and then report to the other groups.

                    10.  We highlighted the “glows”, things that we have been doing well on campus (strategies).

                    11. Ms. Abourahal suggested re-thinking the way GT kindergarten students are tested. That

                          there should be a room they can be taken into where there isn’t so much noise.

                    12. Mr. Dosal said one of the speakers who came to Career Day had been wonderful and

                          that it would be a good idea to invite him to another event as he was such a great


                   13.  Dr. Maldonado talked to the committee about field trips and the importance of planning



                           ahead to have the fund is the school’s budget and that it was also important to consider

                           the purpose of the trip, how many buses were needed, the mileage, specify the cost, etc.

                     14. Ms. Vega mentioned that we would have 3 more meetings: March, April and May and

                          that it was really important to come and participate. All members input is valued and


                   15.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.







  • SDC Working Meeting